Beth Marek performing Reverse Warrior pose

Public Hatha yoga classes are currently being held at:

Yoga with Beth

I am passionate about teaching my students to care for their bodies so that they become stronger and more vibrant as they age. Therefore, in my classes, you can expect challenging and intelligent sequences that will expand your limits so that you find yourself in poses that you never thought were possible. You will breathe, flow, work hard, rest fully, and, of course, have fun. I believe that a regular yoga practice can empower each of us to discover our own inner strength, light, and beauty.

I personally began practicing yoga to gain flexibility after many years of running marathons. While I did become more flexible, what kept me coming back to the mat was how beautiful and strong I felt as I moved through the poses. I found self-esteem and confidence through yoga that I had never experienced before. Ultimately, I realized that I had to share this amazing practice with others. I hope you will come join me.